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Middleton Patient Group needs you! Our Patient Group is made up of registered patients and meets once a quarter to discuss the way the surgery is run, ideas for community events and to feed back to the practice. Any registered patient is welcome to get involved in the Patient Group. We are currently holding two meetings on the same day to make it easy to attend, but if you can’t attend meetings you can still have your say via our email group.

Come along to meet the team, find out what’s going on at the surgery and how you can be involved in developing the services over the coming year.

Please find enclosed the combined minutes of the PPG meetings in February and the upcoming dates below: Both PPG meetings on the same day will follow the same agenda, we hope this gives everyone who wants to a chance to attend.



Tuesday 3rd May    10.30am or 6pm  

Patient Group meeting

Wednesday 8th June 10am to 2pm     

PPG Open Day at the surgery – more information to follow!


Please note that the CCG Locality PPG meeting scheduled for Tue 5th April at 6pm has been cancelled.



Family and friends test report Jan- Dec 2015


Middleton PPG Minutes Anon 03.11.2015

Middleton PPG Minutes Anon 15.09.2015

Middleton PPG Minutes Anon 04.08.2015


You can read our action report  for 2014-2015 here:

Middleton Health Centre Report 2014-15

If you would like to be involved or for further information please contact Ruth Lloyd, Patient Services Manager.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Please find below our Friends and Family Test report for 2015
Middleton Health Centre is now affiliated with the National Association of Patient Participation (NAPP), who provide support and guidance for patient groups throughout England. Being registered with them enables us to learn and develop our own patient group from others locally and across England.

There website can be accessed by clicking on the link below.